Mighty Gojiras
The Mighty Gojiras are 3000 creatures living on the Ethereum blockchain.
10 $GOJ a day as reward as long as in your wallet. No need to stake for $GOJ.
Two genesis Mighty Gojiras can breed one kid Gojira.

3d VX is live!
Mighty Gojiras
To introduce Mighty Gojiras

There are only 3000 Mighty Gojiras living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Two genesis Mighty Gojiras can breed one kid Gojira, capped at 6000.

You can begin breeding right after minting.


Each Gojira earns 10 $GOJ reward everyday! You begin earning $GOJ straight after minting without staking and additional fees!

1 $GOJ = 1 $GOJ


$GOJ can be used to breed.

$GOJ can be used to mint future NFTs.

Gojira City

Every Gojira will receive a city, and you can put Gojira into your city

$GOJ will be used to claim a city.


Mint Start

Reward 10 $GOJ a day.

Open breeding.

25% Sold

Meme Challenge (1 ETH prize pool).

50% Sold

Merch shop on Discord.


Use $GOJ to purchase.

75% Sold

PFP Challenge (1 ETH prize pool).

100% Sold

Claim City NFT for your Gojiras and put your Gojira into your City.

After Mint

Buy land in Decentraland.

Any holder can use the land.

Begin Development.

April 2021

Launch 3d VX Collection.

Use $GOJ to mint.